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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Now That You've Made Your Turkey Bone Soup . . .

Right now, you're probably enjoying the soup broth you made out of turkey bones. There is yet another step you can do to fully utilize your Thanksgiving Day meal: Compost the bones. This is a little trickier , since composting animal remains can be problematic for pests and disease. However, bone meal is a common ingredient in soil enhancers and potting soil. These folks have some interesting (and scary) methods of doing just that! Their ideas range from cooking the bones into ash or just burying them, among other things.

I prefer to do something that is not as energy intensive as cooking the bones (unless I was already using a fire to heat or cook with, which I'm not). However, on my first time that's what I did: I baked the bones after using them to make the soup broth. The baking dried them, which should help with pests. It also made them quite brittle. I then put them in a pot and crushed them. Pieces shot around all over, so I decided to wait until I was at the composting site to do that. It was night, so I will do it today.

They probably don't need to be crushed into dust, I just want to break them up to speed up the composting process.

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