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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Main Problem With Eating Organic, Whole Food Is . . .

. . . everything else is unsatisfying. Seriously. I've been to two gatherings recently loaded with party food--mac 'n cheese, wings, chili, chips 'n salsa, sloppy joes--the whole bit. In the past, I would have found a meal like that extraordinarily pleasing: a feast for all times. Sure, there is a junk-food element to some of the items but still there's a lot of decent food and variety in the mix, right?

Lately, organics make up a significant portion of my diet, perhaps even a majority. The rest is wholesome, whole foods and I pay special attention to avoiding corn syrups, MSG, nitrates, artificial additives this-n-that. The foods I eat are rich in flavor and low in garbage, garden fresh, locally raised (environmentally responsible, too). Its not an exaggeration to say that I feel a glow after eating such high-quality foods.

At these gatherings, I felt like I needed to eat more. Like my body didn't get what it was supposed to, and if only I would just keep eating I would eventually hit it. But I got stuffed and just felt blah. Ironically, I was unfulfilled.

I once spent a week volunteering and eating at a soup kitchen. I ate mostly white rice, because I was afraid of everything else. I felt a similar blah feeling that week. It was like the food wasn't doing anything. The nutritional deficiency could be felt. Only thing now is I feel that way eating regular American food. Perhaps it is all the hydrogenated oils and additives that are making me feel sluggish.

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