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Monday, January 28, 2008

Variation on a Theme: Hash Browns

For those of you who like fresh hash browns, here's a twist:

Cut up some cabbage to go along with the potatoes and onion! Shred it, slice it, whatever. I tried it twice last weekend, with positive results. I used almost equal amounts of potato and cabbage, but you could adjust that ratio either way. The neat thing is you don't need to squeeze the water out of the mixture, because the cabbage will require the juices to cook (thereby saving some nutritional content). I squeezed it, but found myself having to add additional oil while cooking.

Cook it a long time on low heat, until the cabbage is soft. Maybe 20 mins. Turn and mix frequently.

The only problem is the paprika. While it absolutely belongs on potatoes, it doesn't mesh well with the cabbage. I know I said it should be generously applied to every recipe, but not this one. I've been experimenting with other spices. Rosemary seems okay, but if its not well cooked its like eating pine needles in your food. Salt and pepper may be enough, as well as some fresh garlic.

Melt in some white cheddar cheese during the last couple minutes, and you have yourself a meal!

Advanced Exercise: Put in a dash of cayenne pepper. I mean it--just a dash! Don't make it spicy. If you do it just right you'll end up with a warm feeling going down your throat. Nice!

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