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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Signature Sandwich


I believe I just invented a potential franchise sandwich. Forget your Panini's and your Skyline Chili dogs. This beats all.

I take a whole wheat pita. Line it with hummus. I plop in spoonfuls of tabouli (middle eastern dish made from chopped parsley, tomatoes, bulgar wheat and lemon & lime juice), and throw in a bed of assorted lettuce greens. Next comes a mixture of shredded cheeses: cheddar, monterrey jack and colby (a familiar "Mexican blend" you can find in supermarkets). I then wait for the sausages, they come next to melt the cheese. I choose organic sausages, something spicy. On top of that goes chopped raw onions and spicy brown mustard. To finish it off is some very vinegary, non-sweet, homemade salsa (I don't even know what's in the salsa, but its great).

It eats like the best overstuffed hotdog you ever had.

This is a very ingredient-specific recipe. You can buy all this stuff and have it taste differently depending on which bread, which tabouli, which salsa, etc. But let me tell you--when its right, its right. Its worth trying out!

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  1. Deja Vu - I feel like I have had this tantilizing conversation before. EP