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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

As Fate Would Have It

I just sort of had a feeling. My dad lent me his car this week, since my car decided to quit on me. I just had a feeling deep down that somehow, someway, that car was not going to be returned in the mint condition I borrowed it in. This has happened before. I was careful, even planned on washing it before returning it (a rare thing for me to do for my own cars).

I enjoyed the rainstorm today. It washed some of that that northern Ohio salt off the thing (they have snow up there). Then, as I'm talking to my mom on the phone, I could hear the sudden rat-a-tat of hail. It turned furious. I realized his car was sitting out there on the street, so I quickly got off the phone and leapt outside. In the middle of a lightening storm, and sloshing through flash flooded waters, I guided the thing into the carport. I never even thought it would fit. The landlord fixed up the carport by installing some support beams. Coupled with a sharp turn to get in, the "fix up" had rendered the carport a little less than a bicycle storage unit for the stalls on the ends.

Well, necessity breeds invention, so I moved some bikes out of the way, stepped in deep muddy waters to and navigated the thing safely in. A quick glance showed the roof covered in little hailstones. A quick feel didn't turn up any dents. I'll check it later. The hailstones seem a lot smaller than the ones from last year's storm that produced a bounty of insurance claims around town.

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