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Thursday, August 1, 2019

10 minutes in the life of a 2.4 year old

10 minutes in the life of a 2.4 year old:

I tried to sit on the couch and drink some tea while Lucy watched some TV. She scolded me: "No! Mommy coffee!" when I tried to drink it. She then tried to assertively snag my tea bag and whirl it around. I prevented the worst of it but we did both did get a tea bath.

I went upstairs to get something and Lucy just HAD to come, so I carried/shepherded her up the stairs. First, she took out some of Andrea’s items from a bathroom drawer and was both playing with them and destroying them. Then zoomed down the hall and relocated some wall stickers in her room.  She put them on different areas of the wall, inside her teepee and even tried to paste them on me. One may still be on the inside of the closet door. She alternately hid in the closet and then hid in the teepee. She grabbed a book to read and decided to slide around the floor with it. She used the book Wonkey Donkey as a surfboard and demanded to go down the stairs that way!!!! I couldn't let that happen, and knew we were in blow up territory as this was a hard “No” and not a something where I could attempt a redirection. She was ornery as I tried to get her down the stairs. She wouldn't entirely cooperate and tried to climb back up the stairs at times. Her anger did come out when we got to the bottom as she threw the book at the dog. Then she hid the book under a kitchen rug—if I didn’t see it happen I would never have known it was there until I slipped and fell. Then she grabbed a hallway throw rug (which was not small) and relocated it down the hall. Then she somehow wedged her tricycle into the living room through the child gate, which I missed seeing because it took place in just a split second and must have involved a feat of strength. Then she fought me on pull-up change, which, of course, she thought was hysterical.

Did I mention that this was only a 10 minute portion of a much longer day??


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