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Monday, December 11, 2017

Now Playing in Our House: Moana

If there's a TV on in our house, it is probably playing Moana (or episodes of The Detour after Lucy is sleeping, but that's another story). We have tried to avoid TV time for Lucy at her young age but we do offer it here and there. I especially leaned on it recently when Andrea was sick.
Honestly, Moana is just about the only thing Lucy'll watch. Whenever it starts, she stops whatever she's doing and turns to be immersed. She's only interested in the songs and the grandmother's talk at the beginning and loses interest in the rest, but that is a good chunk of the movie.
The movie is superb. Andrea has used it at school for its science and ecology lessons. It's a great portrayal of Polynesian life, culture and religion. It is chock full of profound spiritual wisdom--seriously, it is quite deep. Everything from a charming Polynesian village that has lost its way as its traditions began to hold it back to a young girl ("not a princess!") struggling to be true to who she is. It culminates in an amazing message of peace, compassion and nonviolence (this movie should put to rest any notions that peace is for wimps). There are lessons in every scene about the power of choice and how the universe supports you when you decide to do something.
We can just about feel the history of the people when we watch and listen. I get chills. Deep rhythms of spirituality permeate the whole movie. A very high level of consciousness is displayed in this movie that is really awe inspiring. So hard to explain, best to experience.
Lucy has great taste! Maybe she likes it partly because her mom had it on repeat in the background when she first came home from the hospital.
The music is incredibly good. I'll be sure to check out other music by Opetaia Foa'i in the future. The whole music team is great but his pieces in particular really transport you and communicate the spiritual wisdom through song and music.
I know it's Disney but I think they did a great job this time. We really can't say enough good things about it.

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