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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Decaffeinated Coffee

I drank only one large cup of decaffeinated coffee, yesterday. I have come to believe that I truly love a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe it's the cream and sugar. Maybe it's the warm liquid. But it's not the caffeine, at least, not anymore.

Most people don't know that decaffeinated coffee actually does contain caffeine! Levels can be shockingly high, as Consumer Reports reports. According to that article, most decafs tend to have less than 5% of the caffeine as a regular cup. However, it could range from negligible amounts all the way up to maybe 33%! In extremes you might even see a cup of decaf with 50% of the caffeine as regular, if you take the highest levels of caffeine in a decaf brand and compare with the lowest levels of caffeine found in regular.

Still, as Scott said last night, if all you drink is one cup of decaf every day, it is probably safe to say that you aren't addicted to caffeine, anymore.


  1. I learned at Celestial Seasonings that even decaffinated tea contains caffeine because you cant take it completely out of the leaf... I wonder if coffee beans are the same way.

  2. Yeah, that's pretty much it. The only exception is that some teas just don't have caffeine in the first place, so a lot of the herbal stuff is completely free of caffeine. But I don't drink that stuff because it tastes like furniture polish.

  3. Great. Now I wont stop thinking about that the next time I have a cup of herbal tea...

  4. Hey, if you like furniture polish, that's your thing!